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Latest Aprilia-powered Full-body Carbon Fiber Superbike by VanderHeide goes for “only” US$165k!
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Latest Aprilia-powered Full-body Carbon Fiber Superbike by VanderHeide goes for “only” US$165k!

Dutch brothers Rolf and Sjors van der Heide have just finished work on an Aprilia-powered superbike that is almost entirely built out of carbon fiber.

The 174kg road super machine is priced at “just” US$165,000!

What makes this new road chopper tick is that every single bit that the van der Heide brothers could craft using carbon fiber, they did using carbon fiber. This includes 100% of its monocoque chassis, 100% swingarm, as well as 100% front forks.

While its engine is an Aprilia RSV4 that’s capable of oozing 200bhp in V4 power, the motorcycle also comes with an alternative in-house engineered VanderHeide front suspension (for whose the brothers have applied for a patent), as well as a single 24-liter fuel tank also located in the monocoque chassis and fully carbon fiber.

According to Sjors, he and his brother Rolf decided to engineer their own superbike almost from scratch since they’re motorcycle enthusiasts who in addition to enjoying riding also love pioneering and thinking outside the box. They saw a lot of opportunities to build on and improve upon currently existing technologies and decided to act.

Sjors also adds that the two brothers wanted to create an attractive street-legal road chopper that would make use of carbon fiber construction and an enhanced alternative suspension system due to the fact that they didn't like the conventional front forks very much.

Once they had an idea of what they wanted to achieve in mind, the van der Heide brothers then invited design engineer Michiel van den Brink to craft the bike, who then went on to make the machine’s first 2D sketches. The brothers then used these sketches to come up with a full-size clay model before digitizing its design using a 3D scanner.

Rolf says that they chose carbon fiber because it allowed them to build an ultra-light bike yet that has a very stiff monocoque chassis. The CF they used was all hand-laid and is made of dry fibers, something also used on the Pagani Huyra supercar.

Sjors says that Rolf has dreamed of building his own bike since he was very young. In the past, the Netherlands-based engineer has worked with Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker and the creator of awe-inspiring 3-wheeler road-rockets, Carver.

Rolf also specializes in carbon fiber composites engineering.

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  1. Michiel van den Brink
    Hi! This is Michiel van den Brink, the designer of this bike. I have published the design story of the VanderHeide on my website: http://www.ateliervandenbrink.com/single-post/57c405adc750095fcaa1093c Enjoy!


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