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Motorcycle Rain Gear Is a Necessity, Not an Extravagance
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Motorcycle Rain Gear Is a Necessity, Not an Extravagance

Only a motorbike enthusiast would understand the ultimate bliss one gets while riding a bike in perfect weather. That time when you feel so free as if your soul is uplifted and all the worldly worries are left behind. Would you really want something to come in its way? The answer is a simple NO! Having said that, there is always one thing that is out of our control and that is Weather! You might leave your house for the office, to run some errand or just for the long ride; you can never tell if the rain is on its way too to ruin all the fun. But it isn’t just the fun gets ruined, but also rains poses a lot of risk to the bike riders. A research of California Highway Patrol claims that road accidents increase by 203% during rainy seasons. This has become a very big concern raising the question that whether the Motorcycle rain gear is a necessity or a luxury?

Talking about Motorcycle rain gear, it includes Rain suits, Gloves, Face- Shield, Goggles and Boot Protections amongst many others. These are made from high-quality materials such as poly-fiber, nylon, and leather. These are a must if you are riding in the rain. Let us examine each of them one by one.

Rain Suit

The most important of all. There are two components to it being a jacket and a lower. Both are made in such a comfortable size so that the riders can wear it over his clothes and there is still some space left for comfort. The jeans also have a middle section flexible enough to allow movement and relaxation. The bottom of the jeans has Velcro to make sure that the ends are concealed properly and no water can sweep in.

Rain Boots

These are essential because during rain the tendency to slip increases many folds and therefore you require a good balance to maintain it. Now, these boot protections like rain suits can also be worn over your footwear and can give extra protection from the rainwater that could otherwise sweep in and ruin your footwear.


Talking about maintaining balance in those slippery roads in rainy days, how can one forget to mention one of the most amazing inventions! Gloves! Could bike riding ever be possible without them? As necessary as they are during rainy weather to maintain a nice grip and control, they are also needed in all weathers.

Face Shields & Goggles

This is the necessity that every bike rider follows, but there is still many have to realize that special gears provide better protection. These necessities prevent rain to smash against your face and eyes so that your full concentration is on your ride. All of us must have experienced how painful will be the ride without these necessities.

So remember always, “Pack It Before You Leave”! or regret! It's always better to take precautions than to regret afterward.

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