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Winter Traction for Your Tires
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Winter Traction for Your Tires

Quebec laws dictate that motorcycle and car owners should fit their vehicles and bikes with new tires during the winter. These are special kind of tires that can withstand the snow and are a safety net to the driver, riders, and other motorists. Winter is almost here and many people are wondering where to get the best winter traction tires for their motorcycles from. Many people also wonder whether there really are motorcycle traction tires for winter.

Motorcycle winter traction tires are there. They may not be very common but they are there.

There are special winter motorcycle traction tires that make sure you keep riding your bike even in the worst snowy periods. These tires are made by one Turkish by the name Anlas. Anlas is an experienced tire maker and has a range of different tires all made to withstand the Quebec winter season.

His best collection of motorcycle winter traction tires are:

The Mountain Snow Flake

Also referred to as Anlas grip plus, this make of winter tires is specially made for street bike riders. The front tires are 17 inches and 19 inches in diameter and the back tire is 17 inches.

They look more like the normal tires with one major difference. These winter tires have tiny ice treads added to them. This gives them an extra grip on the snow. They work very well on both snow and ice and have a very advanced tread pattern and very effective ice-gripping sipes.

Anlas Winter Grip 2

These are specially made for more extreme winter conditions. They look more like race tires found in racing motorbikes with one major difference. They have winter grooves added on them for a firmer and better grip on the ice. They are meant for bikes with smaller wheel sizes.

Parting Shot

So if you are looking to have an easy time while riding your motorcycle during this winter, get yourself tires from Ananias and make your riding experience interesting.

You will also be abiding by the state law by changing your normal tires to winter traction tires. Avoid unnecessary fines and penalties and get yourself winter traction tires for motorcycles.

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