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My Ride, My Pride
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My Ride, My Pride

I was raised in a family of very adventurous people. It was from my dad and mom where I learned how to ride a motorcycle. And now that I have found a home on the road, I am finally coming into my own as a rider. Besides the fact that I have finally gained a sense of freedom, I am ready to go all the way.

My partner and I have been into a lot of journeys for the past 5 years, and because he is as free-spirited as I am, we have travelled from the outskirts to the main roads of the Philippines. We have voyaged tens of thousands miles together, and we have come a million more in so many other ways. 

Living on the road non-stop, hotels and vacation rentals, out of motels, with no home to return to, we have ridden coast to coast over the past couple of years. Because of our countless experiences, I am starting to believe that we are the only married motorcycle vagabonds that live this way. 

There were definitely a lot of challenges along the way. To name a few, like sheer exhaustion, arguments, make up, a dropped motorcycle, a flat tire on the expressway, life-threatening weather, running out of gas, health issues, and working through our love together.  I’ve learned through these many miles that it doesn’t matter what is up ahead, as long as we will come out of it together.

But despite all problems, we find our journey comforting, convenient and cheap. Tent living would be impossible with our business needs. It's been a challenge finding a good balance of comfort and affordability, while keeping ourselves healthy. We have discovered what works for us, but that balance would be different for each person, or couple. 

If we fast-forward to now, we find ourselves having just boarded on our fifth year of traveling across the country on motorcycles. I’ve learned that life is full pleasant surprises when I don’t have expectations. We have a few obligations on our travels this year, but aside from that, we’re not making any promises on whom we’ll visit and long how we’ll be there.

Things are absolutely different now. The route we placed out doesn't seem so important to stick to, and the plans we've made aren't carved in stone. Being on the road is what I want more than anything. I find watching the yellow lines and feeling the thrust of the throttle gives me the sense of blocking worry out and leaving my fears behind.

I'm enthusiastic to be heading out for another summer of riding. This is just the next chapter in my life, of discovering who I truly am. It may have been tough and difficult from time to time, but it just gets better as time goes on. 

I’ve seen this same sense of discovery in the eyes of many women over the age of 30. I will celebrate my 30th birthday this year, and I don’t know if it’s my age or the road, but I am stepping into this same sense of security. I am leaning into the twists of my life, and while I am excited to see the next horizon, I cannot imagine myself in another place and time.


Photo credits to Jefferson.

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  1. Written In Chrome Crew
    Written In Chrome Crew
    We LOVE this story! Thanks so much for contributing to Written in Chrome! We hope to read more from you soon!


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