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3 Incredible New Motorcycle Technologies on the Horizon
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3 Incredible New Motorcycle Technologies on the Horizon

Most motorcycle lovers know that a bike’s pedigree is usually the key thing. Despite the magnificent advances in the past, motorcycle makers have not slept at the switch with regard to emerging technology. There are a couple of futuristic improvements that are being made. Let’s take a look at these three.

Down to the Wire

Unfortunately, one of the most remarkable differences between modern bikes and those of the past is not conspicuous. The ride-by-wire technology makes turning the throttle an awesome electronic mechanism. As a rider, having direct control over the engine might occasion unexpected stops or abrupt loss of control. This is where ride-by-wire technology chips in. It facilitates communication between the throttle and the ECU (a small computer) through an electric signal. It then assesses the amount of throttle to release after considering your desired engine power and the prevailing engine speed. This results in better engine control for a smoother riding experience.

Lighting the Way

Being on the road with a motorcycle at night can be a dreadful experience to some riders. They can blame reduced visibility, cold temperatures and distractions on the way. More so, negotiating corners can be more challenging given that headlights only light up a part of the turn. This poses a danger due to potentially stalled vehicles or potholes. But the story does not end there! Thanks to adaptive motorcycle headlights, you can now illuminate those dark areas.  Their working is quite mathematical: fitted onboard sensors calculate the angle that the bike makes while it leans into a curve. This is then used to determine where the lighting array should be directed to.

Hands-Free Functionality

Even though touchscreens have made their way into cars, boats and airplane cockpits, their integration with motorcycle handlebar remains a challenge. This is because a rider needs his/her hands firmly on the handles and of course undivided attention. Mostly, phones and GPS devices are checked when the bike is not in motion. However, the story has changed thanks to advances in AR and voice recognition technology. The highly futuristic helmet enables riders to make phone calls, use GPS and listen to music- all hands-free. Amazingly, AR-1, one of such helmets comes with a rear-facing camera that makes rider fully aware of his surroundings every time.


Image Credit: pexels.com free license

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