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Professional or Amateur, Safety Lessons Can’t Be Ignored
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Professional or Amateur, Safety Lessons Can’t Be Ignored

Many lives have been lost due to motorcycle accidents not only across America but also elsewhere in the world, mostly because safety measures are often simply ignored. Whether you are a professional or an amateur rider, it is a must to attend safety classes regularly because riders can't just erase the possibility of road accidents while on the road.

Due to the widespread nature of motorcycle accidents, it is common in most states across America to require those who apply for motorcycle licenses to take a basic motorcycle safety course. This is to ensure their safety and to avoid reckless accidents.

A basic rider course is necessary in order to reduce the odds of being in and dying in a motorcycle crash, even if it is not required by the state where the rider resides.  It makes a real difference if one undergoes proper training compared to those who have not. It must always be kept in mind that it is not enough to have excellent brakes or to keep your motorcycle in tip-top condition; these are not guarantees that you will be accident-free.

A substantial population of motorcycle riders are older people who get a second wind, who may not have ridden for a very long time and suddenly stage a comeback. More often than not, these are the ones who think that their long experience on the road makes them exempt from going through new training, even if they've never had any sort of safety lessons before. They usually forget that road conditions today are different than before.

Whether an amateur or a professional motorcyclist, all riders must see to it that safety lessons in motorcycle riding are not ignored. This is not an area for compromise. It pays when a rider is properly equipped with sufficient knowledge of safety lessons before hitting the road.

Training Institutions

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is one institution which is internationally recognized for it's safety trainings. It offers two safety courses.

  •   The Basic Rider Course is designed for beginners for them to learn the basics of motorcycle riding.        
  •   The Experienced Rider Course is designed for seasoned riders where their skills are further honed for added safety.

The foundation also has additional education in the form of safety manuals distributed to throughout different states. It also offers online safety courses for easy access.                   

Motorcycle manufacturers in the United States like the famous Harley-Davidson also offers basic rider course and safety lessons as well. One can also find local training centers in their home state, city or town.

Common Situations in Motorcycle Mishaps

  • When a car suddenly appears in front of you
  • Negotiating sharp curves
  • Hitting sand and gravel in blind curves
  • When you're hit from behind
  • Bad tires
  • Bad brakes

It cannot be denied that fatal accidents happen whether we like it or not. However, accidents could be avoided in most cases, if only the victims had taken safety lessons in motorcycle riding.

In the end, these safety measures can save the lives of many, including yours. These safety lessons should not and can not be taken for granted or ignored by motorcycle enthusiasts. The importance of these trainings goes far beyond our expectations, and should be seriously considered by any amateur or all seasoned professional riders.

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