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Removing a Motorcycle Ignition Switch: In 5 Quick Steps
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Removing a Motorcycle Ignition Switch: In 5 Quick Steps

An ignition switch which is faulty can cause many serious problems and can prevent the bike from starting. Several methods can be used to test whether the ignition switch is working properly or not. And if it is confirmed that the ignition switch is faulty during the troubleshooting process then one will have to replace it. If one takes the bike to the shop to replace the ignition switch then it can be very costly, considering that it is simple and easy to do it yourself in your own garage. There are times when the bike owners are the victims of the theft and during the process, the thief tries to destroy the ignition switches. During such times, the ignition switches are damaged very badly and need a replacement. The ignition switch can be removed very easily with the right tools. It is also advised to check the user manual if there are additional steps and information that one might need.

What you need

Electric hand drill


12mm socket



Socket wrench

Clean rags

Diagonal cutters

Propane torch

New ignition switch

Dielectric grease

Step 1) Place your bike on a level and flat surface with good lighting nearby. It is advised to set up the bike outdoors, if the weather is not good then you can opt indoors where there are bright lights and lots of windows. To protect your bodywork put down clean rags and position your bike very safely and comfortably.

Step 2) Begin with disconnecting the battery and removing the seat of the rider, in order to access the ignition area of the motorcycle easily. Always remove the negative terminal wire lead firstly then the positive wire lead, if positive is removed before the negative then it could burn out the battery.

Step 3) Remove the upper triple clamp by loosening the clamp bolts on each fork leg. By rocking back and forth, the clamp should lift off easily if everything is loosened correctly. Now remove the gas tank and disconnect all the hoses from the tank before you lift it and keep it aside. One can also perform this task without removing the tank but it becomes much simpler and easy if the tank is removed.

Step 4) If your bike has a steering damper then remove it by unscrewing the bolts from the upper triple tree and keep the opposite end of the damper attached to the frame. Remove the washer and the 32 mm nut that holds the upper triple tree and pull it off the fork and stem. Separate the ignition from the wiring harness and disconnect the connector.

Step 5) Now it is safe to remove the ignition switch and entire upper triple tree and place it on the wide table where you do not lose any small parts. Set the ignition switch facing down and remove it with the bolt extractor tool. Be very gentle to remove the ignition switch from the upper triple clamp and replace it with a new set. Now reverse the above steps to reinstall the device.

Voila, the job is done! Avoid parking in the areas where no one can get at your bike with cheap screwdrivers.

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