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DIY: Quick Tips for Maintaining Motorcycle Brakes
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DIY: Quick Tips for Maintaining Motorcycle Brakes

The most important maintenance that a motorcycle needs is servicing of the brakes. Riders always enjoy the freedom that bikes provide, but the vehicle that offers so much speed and freedom needs to have strong and reliable brakes. Quality, and well maintained breaks help guarantee your safety.  The most common causes of motorcycle accidents are attributed to brake problems. One of the most important maintenance items that you can do is to maintain the brakes and replace parts when it is necessary. If you just need to have your brakes adjusted, you need not bring your motorcycle to the mechanic. One can easily make modifications to the brakes at home.

Disc Brakes

There are two important things that are to be done when taking care of the disc brakes. Always keep a check on the level of braking fluid in the brake fluid reservoir. And second, be sure to check the health and wear on the brake pads. If the brake pads are used and worn until the very edge of the material, then it will damage the disc brake rotor.

It is important to keep a check on the brake fluid and make sure that it is topped off to the correct level. It is easy to top off the container with the brake fluid. As the brake fluid has the tendency to accumulate moisture, open a brand new container of the fluid while topping off. Also, keep a proper check on the brake pad condition and if it is thinner than 3mm it is an indicator that the brake pads require replacement immediately. Be sure not to let the brake fluid drop on the body panels of the motorcycle, as it can damage the components.

Drum Brakes

In the past motorcycle models were stopped by drum brakes. It worked by pushing shoes up against the inside of the drum that caused friction to slow down the motorcycle. Drum brakes are still in use on a lot of motorcycles that are sold. They are a bit cumbersome to work with and require frequent attention. If you have drum brakes on your bike, they require regularly changing the brake liners on the brake shoe.

The overall braking performance of the bike declines if the drum brakes accumulate dirt and dust over the brake shoes, which is a common occurrence. So it is important to check for wear on the brake shoe liners carefully and thoroughly. If you find that the brake liners are worn out, then replace it with brand new brake shoes.

As brakes are very important for the safety and enjoyment of a motorcycle, it is extremely critical to maintain the entire braking system. It is advised to change the oil of the motorcycle every six months. This simple, regular maintenance can surely save you from a lot of trouble and pain in future.

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