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7 Quick Tips to Install a Motorcycle Swingarm Extension
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7 Quick Tips to Install a Motorcycle Swingarm Extension

In order to give your bike a lean appearance and make your bike look longer and meaner without spending thousands of dollars for a custom swingarm, an extension will give you the same look at a very lower cost. A swingarm holds the rear axle in the place and provides a better stability and prevents dips in the road and shock from the bumps. While taking off at high speeds, it provides a better stability and performance by keeping the front wheel on the ground.

The performance of the bike is improved to a large extent while using swingarms that helps hill climb bikers and also drag racers. For many of the riders a swingarm extension helps to give a streamlined look to the bike and hence it is necessary to know whether you are installing it for the function or just the appearance.

The swingarm extension to a bike allows the bike to be stretched to max and everyone will be turning their heads just to watch you ride. This will make the bike to look sleeker and even lower even if the bike is not lowered by you. One of the major chassis component of any of the bike is swingarm extensions. It is also very important to pay a proper attention while choosing a swingarm extension because if the choice is made wrong then it will be really terrifying for you.  It is very necessary to understand the process beforehand while installing the swingarm extension. The process involves the steps stated below.

Step 1) The initial step for installing a motorcycle swingarm is by placing the bike in a convenient position. In order to lift the motorcycle rear use a jack. To prevent the lower fairing and side to get damaged, it is necessary to take it off. Until the rear wheel is raised from the ground keep on lifting it.

Step 2) Now hook the strap to the end of the strap and take it over the motorcycle from the other end. Tighten the strap and make sure that the motorcycle is stable. After this remove the axle and loosen the grip from the rear axle. While doing this make sure that the wheel is provided with a proper support.

Step 3) From the motorcycle swingarm roll out the wheel and remove the chain from the sprocket. Now take off the brake line and the caliper from the brake line and cut the chain with the help of grinder. Do not worry about the damage of the chain since you will use a new chain for installing the swingarm.

Step 4) Remove the rear brackets and take a new swingarm for the motorcycle. Locate a proper spot where the axle sits and and slide the motorcycle extension in the front. On both the sides screw the brackets properly.

Step 5) Keep a proper check that the extensions are properly installed else they will fall off. After this install the brackets and attach it with a hardware.

Step 6) Now place the wheel back to its original position and replace the axle. While replacing the axle do not apply much force so that it should slide very smoothly. Install a new chain for the bike by placing it in the neutral mode. Attach and replace the chain of the bike with proper tools.

Step 7) Proceed by tightening the bolts of the swingarm and tighten the axle. One can also refer the manual in case of any doubts. Finally install the engine sprocket and shift link. 

You are done by following these simple steps! It is necessary to make a proper choice of the motorcycle swingarm to maintain the integrity of the bike and also ensure your personal safety.

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