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Rare Brough Motorcycles Unearthed
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Rare Brough Motorcycles Unearthed

An exciting find has taken place in the English county of Cornwall, where an incredible collection of vintage motorcycles has been unearthed. These Brough Superior bikes date back as far as 1926 and are now being valued at hundreds of thousands of British pounds. The entire collection, now known as the “Broughs of Bodmin Moor”, will be auctioned later in the year and could be sold for an incredible sum. This find is particularly exciting for motorcycle enthusiasts, but also goes to show that there are many hidden treasures out there just waiting to be discovered.

The collection was found among a set of barns and was believed to have been destroyed many years ago. They were located upon the Bodmin Moor, an expensive moorland that stretches across 80 square miles of terrain. The collection will be sold to the highest bidder in April by Bonhams, a well-established and globally recognizable British auction house. The auction itself will be held in the town of Stafford and the collection will be sold under the title of “Important Collectors’ Motorcycles”.

Ben Walker, International Director with the Collectors’ Motorcycle Department at Bonhams, revealed the importance of the find and believed that it was one of the greatest discoveries involving motorcycles in recent memory. Walker also highlighted that the story of these motorcycles was a particularly interesting one, with the collection itself almost developing the status of an urban legend over the years. Walker revealed that many people had simply given up hope of ever finding these bikes.

The motorcycles themselves had been resting in the barns for half a century. Some of them were found in parts and others were hidden beneath layers of dirt, dust and debris. The collection was originally owned by a man named Frank Vague, a keen Brough Superior enthusiast. He bought the vehicles back in the 1960s, after which they were simply left in the barns to gather dust for many years. Mr Walker revealed that this find represented the last known example of an undiscovered Brough Superior collection, making it entirely unique.

Another employee of the auction house, Jonathan Vickers, added that the discovery was a significant moment in history and revealed the auction house’s delight at being able to offer the collection for international purchase. The Brough Superior brand originated in Nottingham, England back in 1919. George Brough was the founder of the company and made thousands of motorcycles himself during a 21-year period. The brand is instantly recognizable and holds plenty of value in the eyes of collectors.

Brough Superior motorcycles were regarded as the bike equivalent of the Rolls-Royce motorcar. They were ridden by many famous figures throughout history, including Lawrence of Arabia. This find is clearly an impressive and exciting one, with some of the models being individually valued well above £60,000. Enthusiasts and collectors from around the world will surely attend the Bonhams auction in an attempt to purchase this magnificent piece of history.

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    Written In Chrome Crew
    Fascinating finds! Thanks for the post, Davin!


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