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4 Top Tire Tips for Peak Performance
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4 Top Tire Tips for Peak Performance

Proper functioning and good efficiency. If you love life on the road, you're paying attention. Tires are one of the most critical components to maintain on your bike, and their maintenance requires real effort. Inspection of  tires helps you achieve stellar mileage, optimal safety, and peak performance. To avoid hassles during longer trips especially, pay attention to these four top tire tips.

Tire Inflation pressure- Check

It's a no-brainer. Be sure your tire pressure is on the up and up. This boils down to your responsibility and no one else's. Ensure that the tires are not under inflated or over inflated-- both can be dangerous for riders. If the tires suffer from frequent under inflation, inspection should be done immediately. This can be a sign of slow leakage, eventually leading to a blowout. Check out this Tire Guide from the Motorcycle Industry Council.

Never overload your Motorcycle

Yes, you read that right. You can overload your bike. And it's never a good option. It can risk tire blowouts, even at the proper level of tire inflation. It stresses tires because pressure is inverted directly when there's too much of it. Not to mention, fuel consumption comes into play here big time. Check your bike's owner's manual guide for the limits the weight your ride can handle.

Get wear for your motorcycle

If you aren't a seasoned mechanic, stick to a professional and get routine maintenance. Don't screw this one up. Professionals know to really inspect your bike's key components and maintain your setup for the long hall. They'll help you keep your tires in good condition as well. Tires should be checked for wear regularly. Don't forget to do this automatically just before and after a long trip. A solid mechanic is your best ally and a worthwhile investment, always. 

Riding new tires safely

When you're riding on brand new tread, be extra cautious for the first 100 miles. New tires take time to gel with your bike and with roadways. Being attentive helps you maintain your safety and schools you on how the new tires co-operate to and react with the vehicle.

Have fun and stay safe out there!

Image Source: 250r.net

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  1. Written In Chrome Crew
    Written In Chrome Crew
    These are great tips! Thanks for the post!
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      Thank u team!


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