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Revival Cycles’ BMW Landspeeder Is a Blast From the Past!
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Revival Cycles’ BMW Landspeeder Is a Blast From the Past!

Revival Cycles have proved and grown into one of the highly respected custom motorcycle workshops in the whole world with their constant efforts and performance. And their latest creation is the BMW Landspeeder which will truly blow your mind. This hand-made incredible BMW is the perfect blend of old and new. Landspeeder has a 1000cc engine and is designed for the 1928 BMW R37 racer. It remains stable in speed up to 150 miles per hour due to the high performance and modern fork design. It is also inspired by the Henne’s original land speeder which broke many records between 1929 to 1937 and earned a lot of respect among the riders.

Revival Cycles spent more than a month for shaping the fairing and full aluminum bodywork of the bike. It also followed the same aero-style valve covers and themes and included the kinematic progressive linkage with the link suspension to improve the performance of the bike. The team always felt that the bike should be more than a machine and showcases the beauty of the bike in a purposeful form. Revival hired four other builders including Max Hazan and decided to build a bike for an unnamed client. The only motto of the team was to build the fastest production motorcycle on the planet.

The design of the bike is original and traditional with its unique hand shifter and custom wheels. The engine of the bike is based on the magneto ignition system and offers an electronic advance control which enhances the performance of the bike. BMW Landspeeder owes to an anonymous client who wanted to display the bike at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin along with four other bikes. This will be the only public appearance of the bike, according to the reports.

BMW Landspeeder is built just for the showroom but the team worked together and made this bike functional as it is strikingly their founding principal. The team used R37 as a blueprint and made many enhancements to the bike such as lowering the engine in the stamped steel box frame, lengthened the wheelbase and gave it a magneto ignition system. Though the bike is not street legal but it looks amazing and gorgeous that makes it very appealing.

The team wanted to develop a fully functioning bike and chose Henne’s hand-developed machine as their imagination. But their efforts and hard work went far beyond the requirements to develop the best static bike. BMW Landspeeder has its engine attached lower in the frame and is slightly longer and heavier than Henne’s bike. It has a very advanced suspension system and a modern BMW engine. It uses flat-cut steel frame instead of a tubular one which enhances the performance of the bike.

BMW Landspeeder has a few inches longer wheelbase and a taller frame when compared to Henne’s original land speeder. The trailing-link fork of the bike has a longer pivot arm along with the very steep fork angle. It also has a kinematically adjustable preload and there is a reverse clutch cable installed on the bike to complete the period look. There is a smooth and comfortable hand shifter that feels tighter than a drum and rides amazingly on the sealed bearing axles. There are straight spokes for the front custom wheels as there is no brake installed on the front.

The front suspension of the bike is superior when compared to Henne’s Landspeeder and is considered as an advanced interpretation of the classic link suspension. The mono shock of the bike is five-way adjustable which allows to change it to high- and low-speed rebound, high- and low-speed compression and to preload. This bike has sensuous curves that make it more appealing for the bike riders and the steel frame of the bike is heavier and stronger as compared to another traditional tubing.

The Landspeeder is truly dramatic and beautiful which keeps up the spirit of Revival Cycles. The team is really proud that it turned out so well and the bike will make its public appearance at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas in April. Revival team has also revealed that they have begun to fabricate the new version of the working bike and we are truly very excited to have a glimpse of this amazing bike!

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