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Riding in Winter Wind: Being More Prepared
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Riding in Winter Wind: Being More Prepared

Wind therapy. It is one of the best feelings in the world - the wind meeting your face, surrounding your thoughts and seeming to blow all your problems away with every gust. Unless the conditions are unfavorable, then it becomes a painful, freezing burden. When bikers and passengers are ill-prepared and not wearing the proper attire in cold weather, instead of lessening your stress, the cold brings many new problems from head to toe.

I know, I know. Bikers know all about essential layering and wearing thick gloves. Most bikers even put the bike away for the season. But here is a quick review of additional pieces and habits that should be considered if you are one of the brave who plan on facing the cold this winter.

The Face

Full face helmets are a staple for any rider who lives in an area with cold winds. But what about keeping the lower face and neck warm? Avoid cotton when choosing a face or neck cover as it absorbs moisture but doesn’t wick well. An excellent alternative is wool or fleece. Aerostitch’s premium fleece wind triangle is simple, but warm and versatile. This piece can be worn two ways - like a cowboy outrider draped low around the neck or over the nose and mouth. Another alternative is a leather bandana; like the beloved leather jacket, it is both waterproof and extremely warm.

Hands and Feet

Being the furthest extremities, it is paramount to make sure the hands and feet are well protected. Thick, waterproof gloves and boots are a given. A majority of manufacturers have heated grips as an add-on option for bikes, but many bikers only ride a few times during the winter. Inserts are a good options, such as ThermaCELL original heated insoles, which boast wireless thermal technology that keep your feet warm but not hot to the touch or sweaty. There are also non-heated inserts available, such as FREEZE OUT inner glove liners, which offer additional lining and warmth for a fraction of the cost.


Don’t miss out on a hearty stop at the diner before hitting the highway. Eating well before going for a ride is one of the simplest and most pleasurable ways to warm up. When your body has to burn calories to digest, the action creates internal, wonderful heat.


Photo source: Tumblr; Motorcycleculture

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  1. Written In Chrome Crew
    Written In Chrome Crew
    Great reminders for winter riding. Thanks for sharing!


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