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Samurai-Inspired Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Concept Highlights Japanese Design
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Samurai-Inspired Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Concept Highlights Japanese Design

With the current retro trend, many motorcycle designs have failed to attract bike enthusiasts. The approach to design by Japan may seem outdated to some but its traditions still remain unmatched. Traditional Japanese design is based on the principles of the seven Zen aesthetic. The concept of “Motorbike from Great Japan” represents Japan’s actual design ideology with Samurai and Origami inspirations. Believe me, this futuristic samurai design could be the future for motorcycles. The Great Japan Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Concept is made up of carbon fiber which is lightweight.

Designers Vladimir Panchenko from Ukraine and Artem Smirnov from Belarus build the “Motorbike from Great Japan” concept which highlighted the important aspects of Japanese design. It can be considered as an amazing motorcycle that pays tribute to Japanese design between efficiency and minimalism. It is one of the powerful motorcycles with a radical design! The design of Vladimir and Artem can be a great inspiration to the manufacturer’s designers to take greater risks and to design mesmerizing and truly dramatic motorcycles.

The designers of this bike feel that this idea could do wonders in the automotive industries and implement the latest technologies for upcoming bikes. This bike follows the principle of spatial awareness and simplicity that Japanese brands are known for today. It is bundled with many features such as floating solo seat, integrated LED lighting system and the instruments integrated flush into triple clamp. The designers have also successfully implemented aero-shaped sidecar for the samurai rider’s pillion. It has folds that give an impression of lightness and solidity.

The aerodynamic wing covering each fork and gentle bends enhances the beauty of the bike. Ergonomics that adjust at the touch of a button and flat electronic dash are some more unique features of the bike. A sleek profile and customizable features make a viable contender for future riders. The concept of the Samurai carbon fiber motorcycle is way too radical to do so. This design exercise will certainly never be made to reality but the design of this bike will surely inspire many custom bike builders. We can still hope that it will live to see the bright light of the day.

This motorcycle can be considered as a lovely super complex shape and we truly appreciate their efforts. With such a great concept, we won’t be surprised if we hear again from the likes of Smirnov and Panchenko.

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