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6 Ways to Make Your Motorcycle Trip as Awesome as Possible
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6 Ways to Make Your Motorcycle Trip as Awesome as Possible

Whenever you feel that urge to pack up your motorcycle and head out for an adventure, remember the six tactics below. Make your long ride educational as well as enjoyable and adventurous.

1.) Divide Your Journeys into Travels and Transits

While transit refers to the simple process of moving from one place to another quickly, travelling connotates a more detailed experience. It involves exploring the areas you pass through and gaining more understanding of the geography, the culture, the history, and yes, the food, of the locality you ride through. In travel, you invest more of your time but cover less distance.

2.) Slow Down

Consider striving to spend a minimum of two nights in every “overnight” location that you pass through. It is not possible to see all that you might want to in an area the evening you arrive there or the morning you leave. A second, or even third night, there allows you a full day to explore without having any pressure to move on fast.

3.) Plan and Follow a Routine

However much it may seem enjoyable and adventurous to just hit the road and go, having even just a loosely planned itinerary can be pretty important, especially if you are heading into unfamiliar territory. This keeps you from becoming overly disoriented, not to mention, your plan (or pseudo plan) gives some you direction and can totally reduce your stress.

4.) Make a Record of Your Travels

Trust me. Down the road, there will be a reason to recall the places you have been. Even if you don’t lose anything along the way and need to retrace, you may want to come back to the same place one time in the future, or help a friend who is taking a ride toward those areas with information about how to navigate. Whenever you stop for fuel, snacks, a beer, or for lodging, be sure to make a note of that location, or take a photo of a landmark, business, or road sign around. Someday you'll be glad you got the details down-- even if it just helps you to shape your road stories.

5.) Half the Clothing, Twice the Money!

This is not a cliché, it's the real deal-- always take half the clothing and twice the cash you might be inclined toward. Carry travel clothing that can be hung out at night and be dry by morning. Don’t take along a lot of gear that you think you might need but most likely won't. It's not worth the haul.

When it comes to money-- take more than enough, and not all in cash. Ensure you'll have access to your bank or ATM's where you are going. If you're traveling outside the country, be sure to get a credit card works well in your host country, and be sure to research the rates and fees of international purchases and ATM's-- they can really get you.

6.) Flexibility is Still Key

While it's completely okay to have a solid trip plan, don't make it too solid. Give yourself some breathing room. Life requires tweaks, just like your bike. Stay flexible. You won't regret it. 

Image source: flickr.com

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