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Peer-to-Peer Rental: A Simple How-To Guide
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Peer-to-Peer Rental: A Simple How-To Guide

Car rental services have been around as long as one can remember.  Additionally, renting mopeds on vacation has been another popular rental option.  These days, renting a motorcycle has become more than just a call to your local cycle dealer.

Speed Stable's peer-to-peer motorcycle rentals are here and about to take this country by storm! 

What's peer-to-peer rental and how does it work?

1) Someone lists their motorcycle as being available (along with their location). 

2) The interested renter reserves it at an agreed upon rate, for an agreed upon length of time.

3) Speed Stable works behind the scenes to ensure proper vetting of both driver and owner, provides the necessary insurance along with a platform to review the rental experience for both parties. 

4) In exchange, Speed Stable keeps a percentage of each transaction. 

Many of us remember the time we were on vacation and and rented mopeds.  A fun-filled day as we'd tooled around at 25 miles an hour while cruising around some highly populated resort area.  If not for some grand scenery, we'd sooner have been by the pool with daiquiris.

Things have changed.  Welcome to 2016!  Speed Stable is about to ramp up their peer-to-peer ride-sharing platform for motorcycles.

This looks to be everything a rider would want, convenience, portability, selection, choice and availability. 

For the rider that likes to travel but can't always bring their ride with, experiencing the A1A while your Harley sits back in your garage in Wisconsin is now a distinct possibility.

As far as motorcycles and ride-sharing go, it seems like an oxymoron. Placing your bike up to the 'peer sharing Gods' hoping that it comes back in good shape is probably every motorcycle owners' worst nightmare. 

In reality, Speed Stable's check and balances will make it seem more like checking into a Bed and Breakfast, rather than a peer-to-peer motorcycle experience.

Optimum uses for Peer-to-Peer rental:

1) While visiting Branson, Missouri you yearn for the chance to experience the Arkansas 7 Highway down to Hot Springs, Arkansas and back....what a ride!

2) Picture yourself in St. Paul, Minnesota on a business trip and you start to dream of a two hour cruise along the Upper Mississippi River on a cafe racer, of all things.....that may now be possible.

3)  Lastly, your bike's in the shop and a group of friends are coming to visit so they can ride the Blue Ridge Parkway.......Speed Stable's peer-to-peer is going to help you save face as the local tour guide.

As with any new service, perfection will be a goal, so be patient as the platform improves and optimizes its service.

Let's see how far Speed Stable can take us on someone else's ride!

Photo courtesy of Daniel M. Fisher

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