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The Big 3 Come Together to Keep You Safe
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The Big 3 Come Together to Keep You Safe

We have gone to great extents to make roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. Multiple rules and regulations are put in place to ensure the smooth flow of vehicles and people on roads in order to avoid any unwanted incidents.

But even with these rules and regulations, people get injured or die much more frequently in driving accidents as compared to other modes of transport. Of all the vehicles on the road, bikes are the ones that are associated with most deaths. The numbers show that a person of average life span who rides a motorcycle, is likely to die after spending only a third of it on a motorcycle. Thankfully though, the big three names of the motorcycle world have come forward to make motorcycling safer for bikers.

The Big Three Join Hands

The three big names in the motorcycle industry, namely Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd, Honda Motor Co. Ltd and BMW Motorrad, are collaborating to introduce Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems, also known as C-ITS, which will help make two-wheelers much safer to ride. A memorandum of understanding has just been signed and it is expected that the technology will be implemented as early as 2020.

It was signed at the biggest intelligent transport services and systems event in the world, held in France. The three partners have asked other two-wheeler manufacturers to join the association in order to make full use of the new technology.

The Potential of Intelligent Transport Systems

ITS has already been deployed for field testing in cars in certain European countries. This project will benefit most if more companies and manufacturers integrate this technology into their vehicles. ITS works by enabling the drivers to access crucial information such as automatic incident detection, road hazard warning, traffic jam warning, slow vehicle warning, and much more. All of this information is provided live to the drivers so that they can make the right decisions on the roads at the right time. This is crucial for saving lives, as road transit is one of the most dangerous ways to commute.

If properly implemented, it will not only make roads safer but will also make them more secure and efficient for all sorts of transit vehicles, including motorcycles. Essential information will be readily available to drivers on the road, thus allowing for better integration of communication between all the vehicles on the road. That is why the big three have put their faith in this technology and have joined hands to help road commuters travel in a safer way.

Road safety is the biggest concern for two-wheeler drivers, as they are not as well protected in the case of a crash as they would be in other vehicles. Much work is required for the implementation of ITS to bikes since it was originally designed for cars. Due to their different nature, bikes will require specialized hardware and software to make use of ITS.

Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems will probably transform our roads for the better, and will particularly help the bikers. The big three have taken a very important initiative and hopefully others will follow so that one day we can ride down roads that are safer and more biker-friendly than they are today.

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