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The Futuristic Scorpion-3
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The Futuristic Scorpion-3

Technological advancements are constantly churning out contraptions and gear that we used to think weren’t possible to do. Take the hoverboard, for example. When we saw them in the series Back to the Future, we didn’t think we’d ever see one in real life. However, even though we do indeed have hoverboards, the futuristic Scorpion-3 has completely changed the game.

The Russian Company That Started it All

During February of this year, our perception and reality of hoverboards have been blown out of the water completely. Hoversurf, a Russian drone manufacturer, released a compelling video of something that drone enthusiasts have only ever dreamed of.

The video shows a prototype of something that has never been seen or done before until now. Hoversurf combined a quadcopter and a motorcycle to create a hoverbike prototype with a single seat that looks like days worth of fun. It’s an electric-powered prototype that is most likely not going to be ready for the upcoming X Games that is going to take the drone market by storm.

“Our electric-born prototype aircraft has been designed to be specifically intended for both beginner and professional navigators alike. The design for the Scorpion-3 was inspired by the motorbike’s frames, which are both sports utility and heavy-duty,” Hoversurf commented.

While there are other prototypes for hoverbikes that have been presented over the last year, the futuristic Scorpion-3 is definitely one of a kind. The Vahana by Airbus is a prime example of the strides that are being made when it comes to drones that literally put you in the driver’s seat, which we think are incredibly awesome, for one.

What We Can Expect from Hoversurf

Interestingly enough, Hoversurf has an entire page on their website dedicated to their vision where drone taxis, or Air Transport As a Service (ATAAS), are concerned. In short, the end result of their vision includes an automatic airspace that is controlled by information processing speed, safety, no human intervention whatsoever, real-time landscape situation control, and multiple other unique features. How awesome is that?

The Scorpion-3 uses a software that has been built and programmed specifically to limit the velocity and the range of the hoverbike. This ensures that the flight will be one that is controlled enough to be as safe as possible.

Hoverbikes R’ Us

Interestingly enough, a lot of other manufacturers are trying to hop on board with this invention, but one man is taking the challenge on himself. Colin Furze, a YouTube superstar famed for his many inventions, decided to make a hoverbike himself.

In Furze’s video that highlights his hoverbike. Even though it doesn’t get too far in the air, it does, however, hover for short bursts of time, which is still pretty cool. Furze's YouTube channel has multiple interesting videos, to say the least, that highlight his inventions.

The Future of Hoverbikes

It’s no secret that hoverbikes are the newest challenge that manufacturers, and individuals on their own, are attempting to conquer. With the futuristic Scorpion-3 currently in the lead for being the top hoverbike thus far, can we expect it to be released on the market for use anytime soon, or will another manufacturer release something better? Only time will tell.

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