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The New Royal Enfield Himalayan with Larger Capacity Expected to Roll Out Soon
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The New Royal Enfield Himalayan with Larger Capacity Expected to Roll Out Soon

When a customer appreciates something, they should let their appreciation show with some valid feedback that can help the company out. This is what greeted Royal Enfield after they released their latest bike. The customers were not entirely satisfied and desired a bike with greater capacity for the more experienced riders. This is why Royal Enfield is working on the Himalayan, which is expected to roll into the markets in the coming year.

According to Siddhartha Lal, the CEO of Royal Enfield, this bike is expected to sell well in the export market due to its greater power.  

What led to these changes? This development has been driven solely by the feedback provided by Indian customers. Since the current Royal Enfield bikes were making use of 411 cc engines having 24.5 bhp, the company is now creating a bigger Himalayan. This adventure bike had hit the markets last year but despite its off-roading capacity, customers were not too happy with its engine capacity and felt that adding 8-10 bhp of power, would make for a better ride.

The Himalayan was a good bike, well equipped with the ability to off-road, however, the general consensus was that it was not great for cruising. This is why the company decided to roll out the new Royal Enfield Himalayan which would no longer have this issue.

When the Boss Speaks…. CEO Lal clearly stated that the company has already chosen a few models that they wish to enhance and the Himalayan is one of them only because the Indian customer has shown a desire to have a better and more powerful version of this bike.

Lal went on to state that the demand for bikes with higher capacity is present on an international scale, however, at the moment, the company wishes to cater to the demands of the Indian market before moving to the rest. He does agree that high capacity engines would lead to better export sales and once they are able to meet the demand in India, they will certainly start looking at the overseas markets.

Some of the expected changes The reason so much stress is being put into satisfying the Indian market is because India is responsible for about 96 percent of the company’s total sale volume. The company is also looking at providing some other bikes with displacement variations on a larger scale. The Himalayan is expected to give the brand a whole new look.

Not many details are known about the new Himalayan but it is believed that the new engines are going to be iterations of the earlier Long Stroke engines that used to power the Himalayan. Speculation is rife about whether the company is looking to announce a parallel- twin engine for the bike as that would significantly reduce the cost of development.  

While the current power of the bike isn’t an issue for people upgrading from smaller bikes, experienced riders are looking for something better and Royal Enfield does not wish to disappoint. Although the new Himalayan that is expected to roll out soon won’t be a major attraction with regard to sales, it will be more lucrative for those who love riding, but it may be a while before this bike hits the streets.

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