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The Outlaws of Motorcycling History
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The Outlaws of Motorcycling History

The members of a motorcycle gang share a special bond with each other. Other than sharing their love for motorcycles, they live like a family and always look out for their fellow gang members. In general opinion, bike gang members are considered as violent and aggressive, and are thought to be involved in all sorts of different criminal activities.

Recent studies estimate that less than one percent of bike gang members in the United States are actually involved in criminal activities. The Mob Museum in Las Vegas has recently put up its latest display that focuses on the history of outlaw motorcycle gangs in America. First, however, let’s take a look at why people join such gangs in the first place.

Motives can be good or bad

If you like to take long motorcycle rides on the freeway and feel lonely in doing so, then you might consider joining a motorcycle gang. Most people join gangs for the adventure, combined with the protection of a pack where members of the group shield and help each other in difficult situations.

On the flip side, people with darker motives also find protection in joining biker gangs. Extortion, drug and weapons trafficking, and sale of stolen goods are just a few things that some biker gangs are infamous for. Most people who join such gangs are alone and seldom have any close family, enabling them to stay on the road for extended periods of time and get involved in dangerous activities.

A History of Outlaw Biker Gangs

Outlaw motorcycle gangs are an important part of America’s motorcycle history. These motorcycle gangs are known to fight over turf and use indiscriminate violence against opposing gang members. They travel in packs and are quick to respond when a gang member asks for help. While some see the act of joining a motorcycle gang as a show of freedom, others consider it to be damaging to the society.

A history of different outlaw motorcycle gangs is now at display at the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also known as the Mob Museum, in Las Vegas. Other than highlighting the motorcycling culture of America, the display puts special focus on the life of Jay Dobyns, an undercover agent who infiltrated Hells Angels. His stories can be heard by visitors in the video that is played at the introduction of the exhibition. Visitors can also take a look at the various types of clothing usually worn by members of motorcycle gangs.

The exhibit at the Mob Museum is a great way for people to learn something about the history and culture of America’s outlaw motorcycle gangs. The larger of these gangs have thousands of members spread over different countries around the world. While it has been recorded that very few of motorcycle gangs resort to criminal activities, many people do not know that. If you wish to learn something about the motorcycling culture in America, be sure to head to Las Vegas and take some time to visit the Mob Museum’s latest exhibit.

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