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The Perfect Vespa is Here
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The Perfect Vespa is Here

When you think about Vespas, the ideas of incredibly high horsepower and blistering speed aren’t usually the first things to come into your mind. Traditionally associated with a slower, calmer pace of travel, scooters tend to be ignored by motorbike enthusiasts who are more interested in riding fast on the latest sports models. In fact, Vespas are usually regarded as the safer and simpler alternative to riding a motorcycle. In spite of that, many fans have long dreamed of a combination between the two worlds; a scooter that looks great and is able to pack the power of a top class bike. For those people, the perfect Vespa has now arrived.  

A German company known as Scooter and Service is responsible for this incredible creation. The Hamburg-headquartered business specializes in scooters, offering a variety of parts and services to Vespa enthusiasts in Germany. The workers at Scooter and Service also enjoy delving into customization and have managed to develop a modified version of a classic Vespa PS 240. This beautiful machine is able to offer the aesthetic charm and style of the old-fashioned Italian scooter with the horsepower of a modern-day sports bike. It may be hard to believe, but the Vespa created by Scooter and Service comes with 38 horsepower.

For Vespa fans everywhere, this creation represents a dream come true and will widely be regarded as the perfect scooter imaginable. With such a high amount of horsepower, not only can this PS 240 outperform any typical scooter, but it even has more power than the latest sports bike releases from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world like Honda or Kawasaki. Naturally, the machine itself is made up from a variety of custom parts including a specialized throttle system, a digital control panel and more. All-in-all, it weighs in below the 200-pound mark. This means that, in terms of horsepower per wheel, this Vespa is even more powerful than certain sports cars.

What makes this Vespa even more attractive is its appearance. Nowadays, vintage and retro styles are becoming more and more popular. People of all ages are searching for old-fashioned equipment with the sort of charm that just can’t be found in modern products. This particular Vespa is filled with modernized technology and breathtaking power, but manages to retain its classic look. With a sleek black aesthetic and that unmistakable Vespa appeal, this really is the perfect scooter.

The Vespa has a 4-speed transmission and a small frame but comes packed with an explosive level of power. The staff over at Scooter and Services have done an impressive job developing this little marvel and Vespa fans everywhere will surely be keeping an eye on the company’s future releases. If you love the vintage style of a Vespa and have been dreaming of a scooter that can outmatch your favorite motorbikes, then this modified Vespa PS 240 could be the perfect machine for you.

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    Written In Chrome Crew
    Sounds like a great ride! Thanks for sharing!


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