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The Power of the Aprilia RSV4 RF Pumping Through Your Veins
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The Power of the Aprilia RSV4 RF Pumping Through Your Veins

The Aprilia RSV4 RF has joined the ranks of the 200 bhp gang with glamor. The RSV4 RF is super easy to ride, especially at high speeds. The hard and fast riding is due to it being lighter than before, having a flexible engine power, modified electronics, and a more precise handling. With new modifications to its engine, the RSV4 RF has the power and stamina to be on par with other superbikes in its category.

The previous version of the RSV4 has less power as compared to the current version. Despite the lack in power, the previous RSV4 did not portray any dip in performance. The current RSV4 has modifications to its chassis department to control its overflowing power. Aprilia utilized an aluminum frame to position the steering and engine into a favorable position. Also, the center of gravity is lower, thus improving its speed. Additionally, a longer swingarm is used to provide more grip and stability to the RSV4.

Steering the RSV4 would not be a problem at all as it is light and easy. The light steering makes the RSV4 very easy to maneuver, especially coming out of corners. It is definitely an easy task for the RSV4 to hold a high line at top speed. Riders will feel the power of the RSV4 running through their veins. An instant telepathic connection between riders and their bike’s tires, suspension, and chassis are immediately felt upon throttling the bike.

Despite being designed for race and such, the RSV4 is very practical on the road. Among new designs noted in the current RSV4 include the upper fairing, higher clip-on, wider mirrors, lighter headlights, and a better aerodynamics. Aprilia has put in a lot of effort in redesigning the RSV4 and bike lovers will notice the RSV4 has a new cylinder head, combustion chamber, larger titanium inlet valves, and new titanium exhaust valves. Not to forget, there is also a new lubrication system and a lighter gearbox.



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  1. Written In Chrome Crew
    Written In Chrome Crew
    Another great bike to look into! Thanks for sharing!
    1. leehom1673
      No problem at all.
  2. Ringo Ken
    Ringo Ken
    Nice one mate! The RSV4 certainly looks awesome.
    1. leehom1673
      You betcha.


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