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The Sensational Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR
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The Sensational Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR

The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR has been superb and sensational throughout the whole of last year with its brand new large-bore V4 engine, handling tweaks, and a comfortable riding position. Basically, the Tuono summarizes everything a super naked sports bike should have. The Tuono is a symbol of excellence in terms of performance, practicality and usability as well. Its comfort, electronics, braking, handling, torque, and power are second to none. However, there are no major changes to the Tuono’s chassis as it still fits in the all-new Tuono’s system. Its predecessor has always been a confident hard rider, stable, and agile. Among new features observed in the new Tuono are its sticky tires, radial brakes, fully-adjustable suspension, swingarm, and aluminium frame.    

The swingarm in the Tuono is 4 millimeters longer to maintain its agility and stability. The reason behind the longer swingarm is to handle the extra torque and power of the Tuono. Besides, the engine is situated lower down the frame to achieve a low center of gravity. In addition to that, the Tuono’s new brake pads have stronger grips now.

The new Tuono improved drastically in terms of handling precision and maneuvering. Riders can easily maneuver the Tuono accurately at high speed and over road bumps. The Tuono offers those riding it a feeling of total control. Controlling the Tuono with precision and ease is just a fingertip away. Riders will certainly feel like a professional bike racer. There is certainly no limit to what the Tuono can achieve on the road. Coming out of corners with superb handling gives most riders the impression that there is still so much reserve in the Tuono that can be unleashed. The only way to test the Tuono’s capability is on a race track.

The comfort of the Tuono is top notch as it has narrower bars, plenty of legroom, fairings, and a softer new seat. Riders can definitely ride for hours without feeling fatigue in their neck, shoulders, and head.



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