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The Vultran Type 3: Bringing Together Past and Future Riding Technologies
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The Vultran Type 3: Bringing Together Past and Future Riding Technologies

We can hardly ignore the possibility that future bikes could hover and look something more like the Tron which is the reboot version. Orlando dreamed Vultran Type 3 Concept Electric bike which is better equipped than a performance car and uses self-balance technology. One of the important features that draws all the bikers towards the  Vultran Type 3 Concept Electric bike is that it is ridiculously long which makes it an obvious bike of the future and is decorated with graphics of flame.

The body of the bike has carbon composite materials and blends the looks of the modern day hypercars with distinctive features of advanced riding technologies. This bike is specially designed to provide you with great comfort with the body sticking to the vehicle, just like Tron Cycle. Vultran Type 3 it is truly long electric motorcycle which is gorgeous. While designing this bike, Rosario imagined high-tech bike which includes HUD environmental digital helmet display, custom fitted A.R. racing suit, digital interfacing routed with fiber optic, balance technology, advanced holographic instrument panel, a 5K rear camera that feeds to the helmet’s display, LED rims and tires. These features are just a few to mention.

The suspension chain assembly is replaced with right mounted assembly which is built from strong, light and extremely durable alloy composites. Vultran Type 3 is also bundled with many advanced features such a standard charging port which is compatible with the standards of current charge station and also is easily updatable. It is specially designed for bike enthusiasts who like to travel long distances with distinct routes and weather conditions.

This bike has a heated leather seat which gives you great comfort and also is weather resistant. Vultran Type 3 is built with future riding technologies and provides with 4-button handlebar grips which are digitally programmable. It also has an advanced and high-performance holographic dashboard display panel along with advanced torque control system. The Auto Balance Technology helps to cover long distances easily with great ease and comfort accompanied with the laser tech headlight.

There are many concepts of future motorcycles that are still on the drawing board and we will have to wait for them. But Vultran Type 3 Concept Electric bike is a dream come true for all the bikers and is truly awesome! One can certainly expect a very fast and comfort ride that will excite the riders, the moment you get onto the bike. Surely a look-out for!

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