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Top Considerations When Picking a Cruiser Bike
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Top Considerations When Picking a Cruiser Bike

Out of the total number of bikes owned by the North American bike enthusiasts, cruiser bikes account for about 40% which is truly amazing. There is something really sexy about the cruiser motorcycles that the bikers love. Cruisers are designed in such a way that they can cover long distances easily with great comfort and they have dollops of chrome. Cruisers are bundled with many unique features as the handlebars of this bike is higher than the other bikes and offers a relaxed riding position where the legs are placed forward.

The engine of these cruisers are placed on the low-end torque and provides with a very comfortable riding position.These bikes are used for the recreational purposes and are meant for the casual riding on beaches. They are available in different colors, models, and sizes which also allows burning your calories. A cruiser bike can be designed and customized as per the needs and one can even use different accessories to give your bike a unique look and feel.

Cruiser bikes render higher performance and are made of strong and light materials such as alloys, rubber, cast plastic, steel, and  aluminum. Riders feel relaxed on the cruisers as they offer comfortable and large seats. Neat paint jobs and artwork are considered as the best way for styling up cruiser bikes. These customized bikes can be easily distinguished from other bikes and have unparalleled qualities. It is indeed very important to consider some factors that will assist you to make the right selection of a cruiser.

Ergonomics and Posture: Cruiser offers a relaxed posture and sports a lean back position for the rider which offers a great comfort. This posture helps to put the feets down on the stoplights very easily and also a great help for the new or the first time riders. Always opt for the cruiser where handlebars are further from the seat and are lower that provides a relaxed posture for the rider. It will offer great visibility and control during the ride and gives the best experience to the riders. There is a spatial relationship between the foot, handgrips, and seat and allows the rider to lean forward at a torso angle of 85 degrees.

Long Wheelbase and Comfy Seat: The long look and wheelbase of the bike provide with the better stability. This will provide with a very relaxed posture that allows to stretch out the legs in comfort. It is very important to determine whether the rider is able to put the feets on the ground or not, so be very careful which model you are selecting. The distance between the seat and peg will tell you about how straight your legs well be and the distance between the grips and seat will tell you how straight your body will be. It is important to keep these factors in mind while choosing the right cruiser.

Chrome and Accessories: In order to give the cruiser a new look and feel, riders can customize the bike and use different accessories as per the requirement. Customization will allow you to express yourself by taking off and placing new parts for your cruiser. Chromed bikes will really look bright and shiny and attract the attention of other riders. Chrome plating will also avoid corrosion and act as a protector or shield for the cruiser. Select the accessories that look good on your bike and allows to give a modern look to your bike.

Engine and Design: A good design of a cruiser will help you to eliminate or reduce the weight on the wrists. Always opt for the cruiser that has a V-Twin engine but the sizes may vary from 750cc to more. The rear tire of the cruiser should be fat that will reduce the stress on the arms or feet. A cruiser should have an uncluttered appearance along with the long wheelbase which is really very important. It should have a low seat with feet-forward riding position with a higher pillion.

Reasonably Priced: It is important to know how much you want to spend before you decide to buy a cruiser. It may range from $5,000 to $50,000 and one can even end up spending more bucks. Greet with the friendly salesman and let him know about your requirements, he will surely help you to make the best choice. One will have to pay extra if you opt for the personalized bike. So it is very necessary to consider your budget and expectation.

With all these factors in mind, one can determine and purchase the next cruiser bike and enjoy the benefits. We hope that you have an amazing experience and congratulations in advance for your new cruiser bike!

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