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5 Unbelievably Awesome Motorcycle GoPro Videos
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5 Unbelievably Awesome Motorcycle GoPro Videos

Today, people are sharing videos that are completely different from those we witnessed around 10 years ago. The niche markets have many platforms at their disposal. As a result, people are expressing their talent by sharing videos which they capture with their GoPro cameras. But, have you looked up the available motorcycle videos? To be fascinated by what people are capable of doing on two wheeled machines, you don’t have to be interested or to know much about these videos. The following are some of the most interesting motorcycle videos that will possibly blow your mind. The videos involve racing, drifting, stunts and hybrid between racing and stunts.

1. Death Race (Isle of Man TT)

This is the first video in our top 5 GoPro Motorcycle interesting videos. The Isle of Man TT is among the most prestigious motorbike races around the world. The race is held on public roads which the organizers close when the races are taking place. The rider in the video doesn’t do an impressive thing. Even though he isn’t better than me, the camera placement at the back of the motorbike will make you feel like you are actually on the motorcycle. Personally, I felt like I was turning.

2. The Global mania

Even though this video has very many riders, there are two Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner who are taking the lead and pushing each other to the limit each and every time. It is hard to determine who will be the winner.


3. Streefighterz Ride of Century

This video provides you with an idea of exactly what people can do on a motorbike such as standing up, hanging up, and the many acrobatic moves they perform when going over 60 miles per hour. Even though the video is an amateur type, the moves themselves aren’t. The riders in the motorcycle video do some of the amazing stunts some of which you have never witnessed there before.


4. Awesome Motorcycle Stunts by Trip Trippy

This video is more professional. The video features Kelvin Carmichael as the stunt man and he does numerous amazing tricks. He also makes them to appear as though they are very easy to do. He showed his skills at Phillip McCallen 10th Anniversary show. He is widely known as a great stunt bike and an extreme motorbike stunt rider.



5. Ryan Moore – The Supermoto Stunt Man by swtpvl

Most motorcyclists try to drift the two wheeled machine at the highest speed possible. But you will never stop wondering why they have to do this. If you have a motorcycle or some GoPro cameras lying around, you can also take them and record your drifting speed.


GoPro produces higher quality action cams, which are little cameras that you can put in any dangerous situation. Under such circumstances, the user risks $125-$500 investment in their camera. This is worthwhile compared with the tradition professional cameras which would rarely fit in most of these circumstances. The name of these cameras refers to the Hero Series which also highly vary in their capabilities. Mostly, the cameras will feature fixed wide angle lens, hard and water resistant cases which are important in protecting these cameras and to allow you go underwater up to 40m. Sports enthusiasts favor the high frame rates of these cameras as they allow slow motion rendering.

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