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Top 5 Motorcycle Mods to Consider
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Top 5 Motorcycle Mods to Consider

Every one of us must have sometimes thought about modifying his bike. However, it is important to consider such changes over to avoid unwanted surprises. This article provides a list of 5 possible modifications which should be possible without any harmful effects on your beloved machine.

1. Motorcycle Stand

It is important to keep your bike standing at all cost, so the decent stand is a crucial feature of your motorcycle. Traditional stands which are sold together with the vehicle are not very reliable, and your bike can occasionally find itself on the ground. It is thus better to do your modification to it. There also rear stands available in the market which can be extremely helpful for those with smaller bikes since they are much sturdier and provides better stability for the motorcycle. However, those who own a large touring motorcycle should consider a front wheel stand which makes bigger bike standing straight up.

2. Modify Your Turn Signals

Standard turn signals aren't usually very sexy - they stick out on a motorcycle. The sticking out can also sometimes lead to problems during accidents, and the lights can damage not only the bike but also cause a serious injury to the rider. It is thus better to remove standard turn signals and install custom signals which are flush with the motorcycle. Such signals are also better visible since there are stronger LED lights, so it is better for those who love riding their bike at night. It is important to mention that the turn signals should be and must be installed professionally.

3. Help Your Engine by Improving the Air Filter

There are standard air filters in all bikes which can sometimes be made of the material of very low quality such as paper. But the high-quality air filter can drastically increase the performance of the bike by helping the exhaust system of the motorcycle. However, the change of air filters can be very expensive since high-quality filters aren't very cheap. The effectiveness they bring into the work of the bike can, however, make wonders with the motorcycle and its functionality.

4. Tires are Basic

It is true that the tires are neglected by the manufacturers, and they utilize generic types of them on their bikes. Those who want to modify their bike should focus on this part of the vehicle since the high-quality bike can again improve the overall performance of the motorcycle. A potential customer should buy the types of tires which suit according to the terrain and weather conditions in the place of riding. It is possible to find the right pair of tires on the internet where you can also sell your unused standard tires.

5. Suspensions Make Bikes Last Longer

Motorcycle suspensions are completely different from those in the car, but their function is also crucial for the bike to work properly. It is important to buy the type fitting exactly for your weight and size. A well-chosen suspension can improve the overall quality of the ride, and you´ll surely enjoy riding your bike with it! Similarly to the case of turning lights, it is important to let professional install the new suspension for your bike.

The 5 modifications mentioned above are not the only available. Try to think and experiment with your bike to make your ride as enjoyable as possible!

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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