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We Deserve Motorsports World Series
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We Deserve Motorsports World Series

When we think motorsports, we think racing, vehicles, speed, torque, asphalt, dirt, checkered flags, spectacular crashes and God knows what else. The world of motorsports is pretty spectacular, and being able to attend these events live and experience it firsthand is even better than you can possible imagine. So given its plain awesomeness and the kind of attention it draws, is it perhaps time to crank up the conversation and get to work on the mind-blowing concept of a motorsports world series?

There's news about a declining trend in some motoring events. It's kind of sad when you think about it because the sport is rich in history and legendary accolades. With the number of categories motorsports has, even the fan base is somewhat scattered.

But with the advent of a motorsports world series, it could bring a number of different events together spread out over a number of days. It would be the biggest event in the sport's history, a bonanza of racing, time trials, different machines, and the best drivers and riders in the world.

Just imagine, fans of different motorsport disciplines brought together to enjoy all the variety. Like I said, it'll be totally awesome, definitely every gearhead's dream come true. Another good thing this kind of event could provide is a boost for the sport's ratings, publicity and revenue thus ensuring the continued evolution and tradition of motorsports.

What Could be Expected From a Motorsports World Series

If we talk about the different categories of motorsports, there are just so many races. It's difficult to even know where to begin, especially when you think about all of the non-racing events to consider. Should a world series event for motorsport become a reality, here are some events we are likely going to see:

  • Formula 1 (F1) Racing - Formula 1 is one of the most popular types of racing in the world. During the 2014 season alone, its television audience reached a total of 425 million. Formula 1 race cars reach speeds of up to 320 km/h or 220 mph, making them the fastest race cars in the world.
  • Stock Car Racing - This type of race is very popular in North America with it's popularity being such that its reputation has spread to other parts of the world. If you've heard of NASCAR, then that's solid proof of the kind of hype that stock car racing generates.
  • Rally Racing - This is another exciting, well-known race type that takes place on closed roads or off-road tracks. The race is won by the lowest time set in completing a specific course.
  • Drag Racing - This is a very simple kind of race; it's a head-to-head competition between two cars and it's just a matter of who reaches the finish line first, usually over a quarter mile distance in a straight line.
  • Off-road Racing - What gives this category a different flavor is the chance to see other vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs in action. It's also just plain fun to see those bigger machines rip through off-road areas at breakneck speeds or methodically conquer tricky courses.
  • Motorcycle Racing - A motorsport world series wouldn't be complete without motorcycles going at it. For this category alone, you have superbikes, dirt bikes or even quad bikes.
  • Drifting - This is an example of a non-racing competition. Winning is determined by style and technique.

There are many, many more categories to enjoy from the world of motorsports. We haven't even touched on races and events that don't occur on land; there are still powerboat races, air races and so much more. If we start to think of the possibilities of a motorsport world series actually happening, by just even taking a glimpse of all these different categories, we begin to get a picture of what's in store for us - a revolutionary sporting event that's going to take the world by storm.

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