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What Will Self Driving Cars Bring to Bikers?
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What Will Self Driving Cars Bring to Bikers?

The recent technology of self-driving cars represents a milestone in the automotive industry. The cars will be safer, and the whole process of transport will be quicker and more comfortable. However, it may bring changes also to the motorcycling business. The reason is, that if the cars are driven automatically, far fewer accidents will occur on the roads which will lead to the increase of interest after the bikes.

Safer and Easier to Ride

The most dangerous thing in the modern transportation is the left turn. The cars crossing the opposite lines are most frequently the cause of death of the bikers. According to the statistics of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 1,000 bikers will die because of the left turns of the other vehicles. The drivers don't see the incoming bike or aren't able to calculate its speed adequately.

Cars controlled by the robot won't have the same problem. They will be able to recognize the incoming bike and also will be able to prevent the crash by precise calculations of the risk. The decrease of risks for the bikers will probably mean that people who are today afraid to buy the bike will get one. There will also be one important feature which is specific for the living beings - a possibility of error will be lowered to zero.

The Dreadful Statistics

The number which back these claims are frightening. Bikes only contribute to less than 1% of vehicle miles traveled in the USA, but their riders were involved in 14,2% of deaths in 2015. The biggest problem is young and inexperienced drivers who don't drive carefully and are more willing to take the risk. Riding a bike is 17% more dangerous than driving a car according to the statistics.

More than 10% of crashes are also caused by the fact that the drivers don't focus only on the riding but are also phoning, texting or under the influence of alcohol. Nowadays, the typical vice of the car drivers is texting while driving. The people get distracted easily, and they are more likely to cause an accident which may have much more fatal results for the less protected bike. This problem should disappear as the artificial intelligence, and its sensors will be able to calculate the data precisely, and the passenger of the car can stick to his/her phone.

When Will They Appear? And What About the Bikes?

Self-driving cars are still the hymn of the future. General Motors Company announced that the first prototypes would appear around 2020 and by 2025 will be available on the market for the buyers. Self-driving motorcycles which are also considered as a future of the transportation have about ten years delay. Bikers, however, are much less enthusiastic about the revolution. They want to keep the freedom they have while riding the bike. Cars will become a fast and comfortable means of transport when you want to get from point A to point B without much effort, however, for those who want to enjoy their ride, human-driven motorcycles will be still here, and riding will become safer than ever before.


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