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Why Bikers Love Trucks
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Why Bikers Love Trucks

Trucks are popular among motorcycle enthusiasts for many reasons. Motorcycles obviously don’t allow for much storage, so if you need hauling capacity, it makes sense for your non-bike vehicle to be a truck. Trucks and motorcycles are both highly customizable, and often personalized more than sedans. This is likely because trucks and motorcycles are vehicles that people feel represent them, rather than just a mode of transportation. Below are some of the areas of overlap between motorcycle and truck enthusiasts.


When you think customization for trucks, you probably think lift kits. But there are a lot of mechanical changes that truck-owners make too. In fact, one of the best exhaust systems for Ford F-150s is also a great exhaust system for motorcycles. Both truck owners and bike owners love to maximize their horsepower and have their ride look and sound a certain way.

Bike and truck owners alike tend to not only like customization but enjoy the hands-on process of doing it themselves. This is why you’ll see garages full of metal lockers and toolboxes, set up in precise systems to maximize function and efficiency. Just as bike owners love the increased gas mileage and truck owners brag up their increased hauling capacity, these DIY mechanics focus on practicality when creating the spaces where they work on their hobbies.

Outdoor Activities

You won’t find many bikers that hate being outside. Likewise, many truck owners buy their trucks specifically to make outdoor activities easier. Hauling boats, ATVs, trailers, and even motorcycles becomes much easier with a truck. Off-roading is an activity marketed exclusively to truck owners. There’s a reason that ads for bikes and trucks often focus on wide open spaces, while ads for passenger cars tend to be set in cityscapes. Advertisers know their audiences, and they know that motorcycle and truck owners like to be outside.

There are many ways trucks and bikes, and their riders have in common. Do you see any other similarities? Discuss in the comments!

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