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Why I Can't Exchange My Sidecar for Anything
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Why I Can't Exchange My Sidecar for Anything

Sidecars are no longer the preserve of the older generation. In the recent past, some people dismissed these 3-wheelers as either uncool or belonging to a bygone era. Not anymore! What was just the other day considered out of tune with the modern world and obsolete is once again cool.

But why the resurgence?

For starters, apart from being cool, sidecars are also rugged and incredibly practical. Indeed, they take far more time and skill to master than you thought. But once you learn how to operate them, they immediately transform into superbly capable and versatile road machines.

With your sidecar, you can tag along your family as you tour the countryside and enjoy the best that life can offer on 3 wheels! Take your mates out for both on- and off-road racing, showcase your dirt track warrior capabilities, or even go out on an outdoors adventure. That is exactly what the sidecar is built for!

Cruising around in a sidecar is nothing like driving a car or riding a motorbike -- it‘s a whole new kind of experience!

Can I teach you a thing or two about sidecars?

Getting a good grip of your sidecar on the roads needs some skill. For instance, accelerating makes the unit to go in the direction of the sidecar, i.e. for a right-handed model. When the unit pulls right, you’ve to be ready to steer left so as to counter it.

Accelerating too quickly round a right-turn could make the sidecar wheel to lift off the ground and topple the car. On the other hand, going left too quick makes the rear wheel to feel like it’s floating. Such movements can make the sidecar to flip over.

If you ever go out on a sidecar, not once will you want to be on a bike again! Indeed, the sidecar isn’t an endeavor for you alone like a motorbike; it’s all about going out with your mates or family. And once you get the knack of it, the fun on a sidecar is the best you can have on wheels… ever!

Image source: flickr.com

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