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A Cross-Country Journey on Historic Bikes
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A Cross-Country Journey on Historic Bikes

It is universally true that at one point or another in our life, most of us let others influence us into losing sight of our hopes and dreams, and essentially abandoning them.  Usually, it is either because we are too young or naive to achieve our goals, or too old to actualize them. Such choices lead to lifetime of regret, all because we let doubt of others' creep in.  Listening to others' negative opinions is bound to squash our spirits, and the wisest thing to do is to not care about what others say or do, believe in yourself, and march forward.

Defying Age Barriers

History points to countless examples of fearless individuals who did not let others dictate their lives. One such example is of Wolfgang Mozart, now known as a prolific composer from the classical era, who taught himself to play the harpsichord when he was just 3 years old. The list of child prodigies is long and substantial, but it is not just the youth who have defied age barriers. Acclaimed chef, author and television personality, Julia Child started learning to cook when she was in her 40s, and went on to become a cooking expert. Ashraf Ally, nicknamed the “River Conqueror,” swam across the Bernice River at the age of 70. Reading about such people who have achieved greatness, even later in their lives, solidifies the fact that age is nothing but a number.

Race of the Century

In an effort to prove that age is just a number, antique motorcycle enthusiasts at Motorcycle Canonball get together every two years at Race of the Century. The aim of this race is to test the endurance of motorcycles that were manufactured more than a hundred years ago. This year, more than a hundred riders gathered at the event’s inauguration in Atlantic City, on September 8th. The cross-country ride will end in California, with the bikers having travelled a distance of over 3,000 miles. With bikes that are so old, the question that arises is whether it is in the riders’ destiny to complete their cross-country trek or not.

The Struggle of an Old Harley

One of the contestants this year is Bert Miskell, who rode a 101-year old Harley Davidson.  Mike and his Harley had to come a long way with hopes that it was their destiny to complete their cross-country trek. To participate, Miskell had to acquire a century-old bike, which took several months of searching. The bike was bought via eBay and brought to his hometown, Frederick, all the way from Florida. It was then sent to Maggie Valley, in North Carolina, to a motorcycle museum for restoration.

Hosting a race that involves riding such old bikes comes with its own risks. The organizers emphasize upon the fact that riders should always use updated brakes, and other parts, for their bikes. This is to ensure that the riders can complete their cross-country journey safely.


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