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Women Drivers Truly Adventurous
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Women Drivers Truly Adventurous

In today’s world, women are just as empowered as men. There is nothing in the world that is exclusive to just men anymore, as women are seen making waves in multiple fields. This is not limited to their professional lives either, as women are taking part in many adrenaline-filled hobbies as well.

One of these is adventure motorcycling. The number of women planting their feet in the sport is increasing every day, which is why a new resource has been launched for women in order to support them in their motorcycling adventures.

The Problems Faced by Women Riders

Female adventure motorcyclists have been in need of a resource to help and support them for years. There is a need among women riders for someone to understand the sport from their perspective, and to provide the support and education they need. Having such a resource would help them interact with other women riders, while also sharing their experiences and concerns with them.

The Start of Something New

This new resource that is geared towards supporting women adventure riders goes by the name ‘SheADV’. It is designed to be a portal for women riders to connect with each other, so they can share their knowledge, inspire one another, and learn from others. They can also plan their future adventures with each other, either through the website or the social media presence of SheADV.

For Beginners and Experienced Alike

SheADV is not just for new women adventure riders. It is a tool that will help all female motorcyclists, from the beginners to the experienced ones. The sharing of knowledge and personal experiences will benefit everyone, and will allow the riders to learn about new things daily.

While a lot of things are possible with SheADV, two of the most favoured features are “Meet the Riders” and “Event Calendar”. The former, as the name suggests, allows women to meet other riders in person. This offers a lot of guidance and inspiration, especially to newer riders. The Event Calendar helps women stay updated with all the new adventures being planned nearby, so that they can be part of them.

Whenever one starts something new, it is important to have the necessary support to see it through. That support may come from your family, friends, or peers. Without it, excelling in something new becomes more challenging than it should be. For women, in many parts of the world, that is even more difficult. Women require a lot of support and understanding, especially when they start a sport that is primarily perceived as male-dominated.

That is why SheADV is so important. It allows women to feel that other women rooting for them and their future in adventure motorcycling. They can talk to other riders, meet them, and learn from them. This kind of support for women adventure riders is vital, and SheADV will surely help a lot of them be better and gain greater confidence in what they do.

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  1. Written In Chrome Crew
    Written In Chrome Crew
    Thanks for the post!
  2. Kaydee Renshaw
    I agree ! Not only are we becoming more empowered in what was just a mans hobby there has been a shift in roles and gender standing on the road and in the homes and most of the work force, Many women are earning more money for toys that where once only for BOYS. It is just wonderful that we are coming together every where and everything. Awesome. Thank-you for SHE/ADV. It is nice to know there are others.


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