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Crucial Motorbike Riding Gear Even for the Most Experienced Rider
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Crucial Motorbike Riding Gear Even for the Most Experienced Rider

Have you ever thought you don’t need that protective clothing when riding your motorbike just because you’re experienced in the art? I’ve felt that way a number of times. However, getting on your bike in t-shirt and jeans is never okay. You always need to be protected because you never know when an accident will occur. You absolutely need the following gear at all times:


While some riders prefer a half-helmet, others go for full face which is more protective. Regardless of your helmet type, it needs to be a model approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for it to truly provide the safety you need and to be legal when a helmet is required by law. When shopping for a helmet, you always want to look for the trademark DOT symbol and seal of approval. Replace your helmet every 4 to 5 years to ensure that it meets the required safety standards. After 5 years, the structure will have worn out from continuous use and may be unsafe.


Your hands should be fully protected when riding. In case of an impact accident, your immediate instinct is often to stretch your hands out to help break your fall or protect your face from injury. Choose highly-rated safety gloves for riding a motorbike. Gloves should be made of high-quality material that provides full cover for your wrists. In fact, they should even overlap between the cuffs of your jacket so as not to expose any skin. While the gloves should be appropriately padded over your knuckles, they should also allow you move your fingers easily so you can ride in comfort. Gloves that strap around the wrists are ideal.

The Right Jacket & Pants

However much you want to look "badass” while riding your bike, when it comes to proper riding gear, style should not be your first priority. Although you may consider some level of style and fashion when buying your riding jacket and pants, the most important factors to consider are comfort and safety with the right padding and protection. They should include the appropriate body armor for absorbing the impact of a crash and fit snugly to your body. Your jacket and pants should also be able to protect you in case of inclement weather.

Appropriate Shoes

It goes without saying that it makes no sense to wear Chuck Taylors while riding because your stylish high-top won't safeguard your ankles, even if they cover them. Protect the ankles, as well as your feet and toes with sturdy boots. Your shoes should enable you to easily shift gears, while also offering non-slip soles with proper ankle support for your ride.

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